Alaina Nesby

Alaina Nesby is a junior at Akins High school studying music and composition. She currently plays over 10 instruments and is in the top orchestra and guitar ensembles at school. She is enrolled in multiple college courses and is excelling academically as well. She aspires to help and inspire others through her music.

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Ellie Cohen

Ellie Cohen is a current junior at Westlake High School. She has dabbled in creative writing in the past, winning the Scholastic Art and Writing National Silver medal for her short story in eighth grade; today, however, she prefers nonfiction writing...

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Reaching Nonetheless

A poem by Kate Hirschfeld. "This poem was inspired by an instance when I dropped a glass in my kitchen and my entire family (and all of my pets) came from across the house to see what happened and if everything was okay. It was a weird moment but I thought it was beautiful in how it showed the innate instinctual compassion and care in people."

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Sex Ed Should Educate Teens About Sex, Right?
Photo by Muliadi Soenaryo. Taken from the original Trib Talk article.

Sex Ed Should Educate Teens About Sex, Right?

An op-ed by Gaya Rajamony. "My experience with sex ed in public school was terrible. It was held in the worst-smelling gym imaginable, and every five minutes during the uncomfortable presentation, someone would giggle or groan. But the worst part is that it taught me nothing about sex. Sure, I learned what a uterus looks like, but I didn’t know the mechanics of sex, how to prevent disease or how to avoid teen pregnancy. In fact, most of my sex education came from the internet, as I googled terms the kids at my middle school threw around."

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