Ghost Town
The Paramount Theatre, which would have been bustling during South by Southwest, sits on a quiet Congress Avenue on March 17. CREDIT JORGE SANHUEZA-LYON / KUT

Ghost Town

Ghost Town: A timely, passionate poem by Sophie Buechler about many people's newfound sense of isolation due to COVID-19.

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Pandora’s Box
A work by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1881. Taken from

Pandora’s Box

"With each new idea we are told to be silenced To be normal Not to open up the box A box that is cemented shut by the same adults Who once told us to change the world ..."

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The Fight for Equality

A poem by Ellie Greer on feminism: "Toxic words. False representations. They permeate the depths of society, tainting the image of 'feminist.' Equivalent to the cruelest of words. The harshest of insults. Media has twisted the very foundation of gender equality so that it amounts to nothing more than man-hating radicals."

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Something Like Nostalgia

A poem by Kate Hirschfeld: "I went through a period of time where a lot of the poetry I wrote had a nostalgic tone. This is one of those poems, but rather than writing nostalgically about the past it’s about the present moment."

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Only For a Moment:

A poem by Kate Hirschfeld: "This poem was inspired by the moment right after the end of the movie Lady Bird. It just felt like time stopped and it kinda took my breath away for a second."

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Reaching Nonetheless

A poem by Kate Hirschfeld. "This poem was inspired by an instance when I dropped a glass in my kitchen and my entire family (and all of my pets) came from across the house to see what happened and if everything was okay. It was a weird moment but I thought it was beautiful in how it showed the innate instinctual compassion and care in people."

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I Am From

Litzy Rea Valdez is a skilled artist who enjoys spending time drawing and sketching out ideas for her next project. Besides pursuing graphic design with the desire to develop her skills…

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