Reading on the Go 2018!
The reading on the Go bus traveling to different schools in the Manor Independent School District. Photo by Litzy Rea Valdez 2018

Reading on the Go 2018!

Check out Litzy Rea Valdez's winning art design and commentary for Reading on the Go, a 2018 MISD initiative that turned a school bus into a mobile library.

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I Am From

Litzy Rea Valdez is a skilled artist who enjoys spending time drawing and sketching out ideas for her next project. Besides pursuing graphic design with the desire to develop her skills…

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By Dane Hildreth: "Calculost" is done with acrylic and felt pens, and is about the struggle and harmony of balancing advanced art and academic classes in high school. The keen eye will notice that the formulas on the figure's jacket are from physics and calculus, while those on the inner shirt are from statistics. Meanwhile, the formulas in the background are from geometry, straight from the polymathic skills of the Ancient Greeks.

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