Clashing Horizons
"Clashing Horizons" by Litzy Rea Valdez

Clashing Horizons

By Litzy Rea Valdez: "This particular piece was shot in the moment when the sun began to set and the tinted clouds began to drift east. With such bold colors clashing on the horizon, this was a sight to behold. As an MISD student, the Manor Red and New Tech Blue were proudly represented along 290, where this picture was taken. I hope to see more amazing sights to come along this route in the countryside. For any novice photographer, this scenic space is a must to capture such mesmerizing moments."

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"Alebrije" by Litzy Rea Valdez


By Litzy Rea Valdez: "This colorful creature is known as an Alebrije. There is a grand story behind its origins in Central Mexico. When I encountered it during SXSW, I was quick to take a shot with a concert in the background. The contrasting colors make for a complementary shot."

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By Luis Castillo Perez: "This photo was taken during my time at SXSW 2018. There were these little balls of lights hanging above a bar, and I really liked the design of them..."

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A Day Outside

By Luis Castillo Perez: "This a photo taken from the porch of my aunt's home. It looked like a day outside, so I quickly grabbed my camera and tried to find a way to capture it, and ultimately I ended up focusing on a bull head that was resting by the porch."

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Austin Lights

By Ian McClure: "I shot this beautiful photo at Austin's Blanton Museum of Art of Ellsworth Kelly’s 'Austin.' I checked out the museum in mid-February to see this long awaited project. The inside of the building was like being in a rainbow, reflecting on the celling. Seeing other artistic designs within the building's architecture was amazing. I used a Canon 80D with a Canon EF 24 - 105mm F/4 IS ll USM lens. This photo was photoshopped lighting wise to get a cinematic effect with the colors and scene."

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