Heritage in Cyan

Heritage in Cyan

An oil painting by Westlake High School Senior Quinn Erickson

Quinn Erickson is thrilled to be a member of the AYAU team!

Throughout his time in High School, Quinn has been an active artist, participating in multiple mural painting projects on top of working to develop his personal artistic perspective and process.

His practice includes a multitude of mediums, ranging from 2D painting to sculpture and installation work. He is also passionate about making an impact with his pieces.

If you drive down Barton Springs Road, you might see one of his most recent group mural projects, centered on bringing attention to the local Austin LGBTQ+ community.

Quinn is looking forward to working with other passionate youth artists in order to spread important messages while giving young artists some much-needed recognition.

You can follow him on IG @ quinn.foxe and Twitter @ QuinnEr06236292