Only For a Moment:

There’s a moment
When the last scene of an art movie you’ve long forgotten the name of, ends
in the way that they do

All beautifully, and abruptly, and exactly the twist you expected from the start, but still found
But, right at the end. When the screen goes dark but the credits haven’t started yet.
That’s where I’d like to live with you.
Where time is still
and reality stands imposingly at the doorway but does not dare enter yet
When everything you just witnessed reverse telescopes back into your chest
And you can feel its weight but it is not heavy yet
And everything in my heart is unguarded and pulses in life-filled vulnerability
But I am not scared yet
This would be the perfect place for a date
Even if for only a moment

Artist’s Bio:

I’m Kate Hirschfeld, and I’m a senior at Westlake High School. I’ve been doing slam poetry for
about 4 years now. I prefer slam poetry because it’s like regular poetry but with so much more
emotion and so many fewer rules. I like to write because it helps me process my thoughts and
emotions, and because I also like to see what an impact I can have on people with just my words.

This poem was inspired by the moment right after the end of the movie Lady Bird. It
just felt like time stopped and it kinda took my breath away for a second.