Pandora’s Box
A work by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1881. Taken from

Pandora’s Box

With each new idea we are told to be silent

To be normal 

Not to open up the box 

A box that is cemented shut by the same adults 

Who once told us to change the world 

Yet inside that box is the truth 

The truth that others have tried so hard to hide 

Because it does not conform to the image of perfection 

Society has tried so hard to paint.

Our parents shield our eyes 

When the television screen flashes images of 

immigrants in cages and children sold into slavery,

While outside our planet slowly melts away

We never open the box because we have been told

that curiosity killed the cat. 

We never find the ugly truth that lies within the box

Nor do we find hope. 

The hope that we can change the truth 

And create a world where the television only

Flashes images of cartoon mice being chased by cats.

The hope of a child’s voice.

A voice that can shatter chambers 

And create an image of awareness so large 

That the painters cannot cover it up.

That is where change begins 

When we open the box and the truth escapes.

Sophie Buechler is a sophomore at St Andrews who loves acting, writing and activism.

She is involved in theatre at her school, ZACH ConservatoryChanging Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble, Hideout Theatre and Interlochen Arts Camp. Sophie is also a passionate student ambassador with the non-profit PACT. She hopes to showcase conflict within her literary and performance pieces that evoke conversation to create change in her community.