Reaching Nonetheless

If I could take every word I’ve ever written and ask them what this is all about
I think it might sound something like all the pots and pans in my kitchen falling out from every
overstuffed cabinet and onto the tile floor in a single moment
It would sound like every great and terrible symphony warm up
Like cacophony of chaos already ensued
A ruckus of all things sacred in their hardness
Greeting each other
Shaking hands with shock waves strong enough to rip through plaster and wood and flesh and
To stir something somewhere you never knew was sleeping till you felt it wake up
To punctuate a period with an exclamation point and then another period.
But that’s not where it would end
It would sound like a collective exhale of everything daring to move
It would sound like doors creaking open throughout the house
Like footsteps down narrow hallways drawing near
Like my father’s voice calling in every shade of compassion
It would sound like hands outstretched in beaconing beyond intrinsic
Beyond first thoughts or old habits or logiced ways
Simply reaching out without truly knowing what for
But reaching nonetheless

Artist’s Bio:

I’m Kate Hirschfeld, and I’m a senior at Westlake High School.

I’ve been doing slam poetry for about 4 years now. I prefer slam poetry because it’s like regular poetry but with so much more emotion and so many fewer rules. I like to write because it helps me process my thoughts and emotions, and because I also like to see what an impact I can have on people with just my words.

This poem was inspired by an instance when I dropped a glass in my kitchen and
my entire family (and all of my pets) came from across the house to see what happened and if
everything was okay. It was a weird moment but I thought it was beautiful in how it showed the
innate instinctual compassion and care in people.