Reading on the Go 2018!
The reading on the Go bus traveling to different schools in the Manor Independent School District. Photo by Litzy Rea Valdez 2018

Reading on the Go 2018!

Article by former Manor Senior High School Student Litzy Rea Valdez, whose designs were also awarded the “Best in Category for Original Artwork” at the Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA.)

Last year, the Reading on the Go project proved to be an exciting challenge for me.

The MISD board of directors had offered a student the chance to have their winning design made into an actual bus wrap, but when I entered the competition, I did not expect to win, nor did I think that my designs would be part of such a grand project to promote reading literacy over the summer.

Needless to say, I was excited when they announced that my designs would be placed on an actual school bus. However, nothing compared to the day that I saw the transformed bus at Manor Middle School for the first time.

As I saw how fascinated the middle school kids were with the vibrant colors on the bus and the books inside, I felt incredibly honored to be part of the larger cause of supporting literacy throughout Manor’s communities. 

I was so captivated that I even took my siblings, who were ecstatic that their big sister had made the wrap, to the Reading on the Go Bus, where they had a blast exploring the books, computers, and iPads stored within.

From the conceptual drawing and thumbnail sketches, to the scanning and redrawing of them on photoshop, the colorful designs were inspired by children’s imagination. The characters were purposefully made child-friendly, and I made sure that the colors vividly evoked the playful creativity young minds often possess. 

Ultimately, with the help of my Yearbook teacher, Ms. Park, and fellow student, Jose Alvarez, the original creator of the Reading on the Go Logo, I was able to create a fun-looking and imaginative design with sea creatures and safari animals decorating the exterior.

Overall, it was amazing to have worked with such dedicated people to promote reading over the summer. Every time I see the colorful bus, I am reminded of the children that go inside of it and enrich their minds by reading books. I sincerely hope that users take the chance to find a novel that they like; after all, it is a special experience to go inside a blue bus filled with books and educational material.

I hope that more projects like Reading on the Go take place in the MISD community in the near future.


Litzy Rea Valdez is a skilled artist who enjoys spending time drawing and sketching out ideas for her next project. Besides pursuing graphic design with the desire to develop her skills further in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro, she is fluent in both Spanish and English with the capability of translating.

Designing and sketching characters for comics, watching YouTube tutorials, and designing mock posters and print ads of everyday items are always entertaining activities for her. 

You can find her bulbapp here.