Something Like Nostalgia

When I can see your old car in my peripheral vision
And each of its mailbox and side view mirror shaped dents
Then I will know for sure that I am home
And when you open your mouth to welcome me back
And I hear only windchimes
Playing the songs of my softest decades
With whole note harmonics curling their lips around cudory memories
You will know too
I would introduce you to each of the floorboards in the front room
Each step I took when I arrived home from school
To the table, then the kitchen, then my bedroom
To a heart that beat a song of ever changing chorus
A pulse you can see written across every wall, etched into the desk I used to call you from.
My own kind of “I was here”
In lemon juice invisible ink so that only I knew it was there
Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll show you my old friendship bracelets
How we used to braid years into rainbow strings
Wear them like merit badges saying
Look here, I have so much love to give, and I can make four different patterns now
Regular, diagonal, chevron, and diamond

I’m still learning diamond so pardon me if it’s a little lopsided
A few mistakes never stopped my bracelets from being beautiful, or my love from being perfect
It always has been, even if I didn’t know it then
With a heart that sounded so loudly, so fast, for so much
It was all so much
It still is

Artist’s Bio:

I’m Kate Hirschfeld, and I’m a senior at Westlake High School. I’ve been doing slam poetry for
about 4 years now. I prefer slam poetry because it’s like regular poetry but with so much more
emotion and so many fewer rules. I like to write because it helps me process my thoughts and
emotions, and because I also like to see what an impact I can have on people with just my words.

I went through a period of time where a lot of the poetry I wrote had a nostalgic
tone. This is one of those poems, but rather than writing nostalgically about the past it’s about
the present moment.