General Guidelines:

    • We accept work in the following genres: Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Bend-Break-Twist (BTB) art. See the bottom of the page for a full list of the categories covered by each, and click the button for the genre you wish to submit to. 

    • We accept comprehensive use of English and other languages in submitted work. However, if your piece is completely comprised of non-English languages, we ask that you include a translation, as our staff’s primary language is English.

    • We accept previously published works, and will credit the original publication in our online posts.

    • If we accept your piece before it has been accepted elsewhere, we request that the other publication(s) credits Austin Youth Artists United upon publication of the piece.

    • We predominantly accept work from current high school students in the greater Austin area. Please note that if you have just graduated, we will gladly receive any work that you have done during high school.

      • ***We occasionally accept pieces from adults. However, this is extremely rare and only occurs when we see that the submitted work reflects AYAU’s purpose of sharing creative youth voices across social and political boundaries, in addition to being of high quality.

    • Submission Season and ERT:

      • We accept submissions from July to December every year for publication on our website.

      • AYAU is not our staff’s full time job, as we are primarily composed of students. That being said, we aim to get back to you within 3 weeks after receiving your submission.

    • We do not tolerate any form of plagiarism. 

Poetry, op-eds, short stories, dramatic scripts, historical fiction, personal essays, satire/humor, and science fiction/fantasy.

Film, illustration, mixed media, digital art, photography, ceramics, painting, architecture, sculpture, and video game design. 

Music, dance choreography, theatre, spoken word, and magic.

Work that bends, twists, or breaks artistic conventions within or among genres. Examples include avant garde film, music, art, and writing; experimental board, card, or video games; and certain mixed media pieces. 

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