Amber Lights
Illustration by Dane Hildreth

Amber Lights

Listen to Tangerine Overload's stunning single "Amber Lights"-- a truly haunting, whistful, beautiful song that would not be out of place in an episode of "Rick and Morty."

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Untitled Spray Paint

Dane Hildreth is a senior at Westlake High School, and started drawing and painting in sixth grade. His favorite medium is acrylic because it dries fast and allows him to work in layers. Dane has been told that he paint cats and landscapes a lot, so he always try to broaden his horizons by capturing subject matters that are new and unique to him.

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Beach Dog

Beach Dog is an acrylic piece that was painted on site in the British Virgin Islands by Dane Hildreth. Note the rock formation, which gives the title of this work.

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By Dane Hildreth: "Calculost" is done with acrylic and felt pens, and is about the struggle and harmony of balancing advanced art and academic classes in high school. The keen eye will notice that the formulas on the figure's jacket are from physics and calculus, while those on the inner shirt are from statistics. Meanwhile, the formulas in the background are from geometry, straight from the polymathic skills of the Ancient Greeks.

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